Kayhan Golkar Composer//Producer


Chasing Iconic Sounds.


Hello, thank you for stopping by. My name is Kayhan Golkar and I love shaping sound and creating sonic textures. I compose sound branding experiences and produce music that moves people across a variety of genres. My job is to interpret an emotional experience through sound.

I work out of my production studio, Mojaui Recordings in San Francisco, California. I often travel and work remotely as well. I currently compose for major brands with AMP, a European sound branding agency, and have had several placements with GoPro. My personal music catalog currently has over 5 million streams online.

This site serves as a portal to explore some of my work. Thank you for listening, it would be a pleasure to work with you. 

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Here are some examples featuring different instruments, vibes and emotional elements I create.

Pop. Rock. Uplifting.


Synthesizers. Electronic. Cosmic.


Orchestral. Strings. Dynamic.


Atmospheric. Deep. Meditative.


Beats. Electronic. Groove.

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Personal Catalog.

Some highlights of my personal music which currently has over 5 million streams online.



Eyes on the Shore


My personal catalog is available for non-exclusive licensing. Please email for inquiries. Below is a playlist of instrumental versions of material to browse, by category.

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